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Please ensure you put the correct address! The use of correct abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information (if applicable) are critical to ensuring delivery.

We do not take responsibility for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments if the address information provided is incorrect at the time of purchase unless Package Plot Armor is added to your order. If its returned to us, our support team will try to reach you by e-mail for a reshipment. If we are unable to reach you for a reshipment, we will keep or donate your order to charity.

We only allow order cancellations within one hour after you made a payment if we haven't begun processing yet. We will provide full refund if you cancel your order within 1 hour and we haven't attached a tracking number. Once we have begun processing, we no longer have the ability to make changes or to cancel the order. Please contact us immediately to see what we can do to sort this out!

We usually ship orders by DHL or USPS depending on your location. Small items and accessories are shipped with the most economic option we can find. After we finish processing your order, we will send it to our courier logistics service and it will be completely handled by them.

Once your payment has been made, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for us to process, print, and pack your order. Our delivery times vary depending on state, normally 5-9 business days for most apparel items, excluding embroidery.

Visit our Returns page and follow the instructions. Valid returns are instantly approved and you will be e-mailed an address to send your item(s) back to. Original shipping is non-refundable and you are responsible for the charges of return shipping.

We welcome ideas in regards to designs, different products and more! Let us know your ideas at

So sorry to hear that there was an issue with the print design / embroidery! Please understand mistakes can happen but reach out to us and we'll be happy to see what we can do to get this resolved for you!

*Enter your tracking number on the parcel tracking website below to see your order status.

Yes, you can find our page for military /government discounts here.

Please email us here or use the contact form below for questions related to our products or an existing order - one of our friendly support agents will get back to you within 1 business day.

You will automatically receive a tracking number when your order is being processed.

**No cancellations/changes are guaranteed if your order has been placed for more than an hour.

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