Affiliate Program

Applications are manually reviewed and approved / denied at our discretion.

1. If you've never purchased anything from us - a minimum audience size of 10,000 Instagram or TikTok followers are required or 100 subscribers on Twitch if you're a streamer. Must be a public profile (not on private) and must be a frequent poster of relatable content or a previous buyer. You must link us to where you'll be advertising.

2. If you're a previous buyer / customer, we are a little more lax on the requirements above but you must have 1) bought something 2) posted it on your social media at least once previously.

3. Do not apply if you can't make a single referral within 30 days. Your account will be suspended automatically.

4. Payouts are done manually and we reserve the right to withhold a payout if we feel that you have gamified our affiliate program or self-referred. Do not apply if you do not meet these requirements, you will be instantly denied.

Click here to sign up after you read the requirements.