Top 10 Anime of Spring 2022

Top 10 Anime of Spring 2022

Seasonal anime are always worth looking forward to as they’re likely to give us some fresh entertainment and thrill. Spring 2022 brings a slew of new anime, ranging from simple slice-of-life to action-packed series. In the rankings charts for Spring 2022, romance-themed anime are in the lead. Given all of this, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude your spring isn’t going to be boring as all these anime will make you glued to the screen the whole time. With that said, let's explore some of the best titles released in Spring 2022.


10. Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

We have all seen romance anime where the male protagonist is cool and protects his cute girlfriend all the time, but this time, the creators reversed the roles and presented us with this romance anime. Although it defies the romance anime norms, it still managed to gain popularity among the audience.

Yuu Izumi is your average high school boy cursed with bad luck as he is bound to get involved in various incidents all the time. His mundane life takes a turn when he starts dating Micchon Shikimori, a cute yet athletic girl in his class. However, Shikimori has a hidden side which she shows whenever Izumi is in danger; She turns completely badass and protects him from every unfortunate event. Although Yuu is constantly at the mercy of Shikimori, he is proud to have such a cute and cool girlfriend.

Will Izumi's bad luck end if he stays with Shikimori, or will it also engulf Shikimori? Check out the series to discover more. 

9. I'm Quitting Heroing 

Typical mythological storylines feature a war between hero and demon king, and in the end, the hero always prevails, but that’s not the case with this anime as our Hiro gets banished by his own people for being too strong.

Leo Demonheart was humanity’s trump card against the demon lord invasion as God blessed him with extraordinary powers that could save humanity from doom. He easily destroys the army of the female demon lord known as Echidna, but instead of gaining fame and honor, his own people banished him as they feared his powers. Unable to find another purpose in life, he decided to help Echidna rebuild her army and ended up visiting her castle, only to be rejected and hated. However, all hope is not lost because the demon lord generals decided to help him in gaining Echidna’s trust.

Leo must assume a disguise and work with the generals while developing a relationship of mutual trust with Echidna.

8. Skeleton Knight in Another World


Nowadays, we are getting the most unpredictable isekai anime. First, we witnessed a man isekai’d into another world as slime and then a girl into a spider and whatnot. However, things are not stopping here as this anime has a storyline where the protagonist gets transported in a game as a skeleton knight.

Our protagonist is an ordinary Japanese man who made the mistake of sleeping while playing an online adventure game. Upon waking up, he found himself in the very world of the game he was playing in his skeleton knight avatar. Troubled by this strange situation, he decided to explore his surroundings only to find two bandits attacking elf's women. He charges toward the bandits and kills them with his giant sword in a single blow. Later, he introduces himself as Arc and becomes a mercenary. 

Through a series of events, he met Ariane, an elf with exceptional magic and sword skills. Upon Ariane's request, Arc ended up accompanying her on a journey to find several lost elves.

7. A Couple of Cuckoos


Romance anime used to be so simple, but things are changing as the most twisted romance storylines are being released at a fast pace. A Couple of Cuckoos is an example of such an anime where the main characters are linked through a rather disturbing yet interesting setting.

Nagi Umino is an upbeat teenager working hard to make his way through high school as a top student. On a fine day, he comes across Erike Amano, a beautiful girl belonging to a rich family wandering around making Instagram stories. The two have never imagined that they would be connected in such a way. Nagi and Erika discover the shocking fact that they were swapped at birth, and their families have decided that the two should get engaged for everyone's happiness.

With this bizarre situation in place, Nagi and Erika must devise a plan to prevent this tragedy as the two aren’t in love with each other.

6. Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs 


Dating Sims are becoming popular all over the world but have you ever imagined a guy being forced into playing a dating simulator? Simply put, this anime's storyline is where our protagonist gets forced by his superiors to clear a dating simulator game, but his nightmare doesn’t end there.

Our protagonist completes a difficult dating simulator game, but due to exhaustion and fatigue, he falls through the stairs of a convenience store and dies, only to be reincarnated as Leon Fou Bartfort in the same dating sim game from which he escaped. Unable to escape this tragic reality, Leon decided to survive by using his extensive knowledge of dating sim games. 

However, what will happen if this world doesn’t work the way Leon remembers? Watch the anime to find out more.

5. Aharen Is Indecipherable


Sometimes all we need is a lighthearted anime depicting the mundane daily lives of students and workers, or whatever. Aharen is Indecipherable portrays such a storyline where two high school students are just trying to become friends, but due to their own problems, they are unable to enjoy just some basic friendship.

Matsuboshi Raidou is an average guy starting out with his high school life. Despite being calm and gentle, Raidou has an overthinking problem that refrains him from taking very simple actions like talking to his classmates. Even in this situation, he decided to become friends with his classmate Reina Aharen, a cute, timid girl sitting next to Raidou. However, Reina has a habit of making things awkward because of her inability to calculate the surrounding atmosphere. 

Their every effort to become close goes bizarre, but both are determined to work out things as their high school life depends on it.

4. Love After World Domination

Do you guys remember the childhood days when we used to watch Power Rangers and other similar live-action shows? It was indeed the best time of childhood. It's time to get nostalgic as this anime features a similar storyline, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call this anime an animated version of Power Rangers.

Fudou Aikawa appears to be a normal high school student obsessed with muscle training, but his true identity is the leader of Gelato 5, a hero organization working to prevent chaos caused by an evil organization known as Gekko. He constantly fights Desumi Magahara, the combat leader of Gekko, but in reality, both are helplessly in love. 

Since they can’t leave their respective sides, Fudou and Desumi end up dating in secret. However, maintaining a romantic relationship in secret might be more difficult than Fudo and Desumi ever imagined.

3. Ao Ashi


Anime featuring the sports genre usually becomes more emotional than romantic anime as the creators portray the character's dedication to a specific sport on a whole new level. Ao Ashi is one of those anime as it follows the story of a young brat bent on becoming a professional football player and his struggle to win against countless talented opponents.

Ashito Aoi is a hot-blooded teenager who can’t just stay calm whenever anyone makes fun of his passion for football. Despite belonging to a rural area, he managed to develop a unique playing style and even became popular. However, his short temperament robbed him of the chance to win a high school tournament. 

Shattered by the grim reality, Aoi lost hope and fell into despair, but God didn’t abandon him as a coach from Tokyo approached him and invited him to join his team. What will be Aoi’s course of action with this sudden opportunity at his disposal? Check out the anime to find more.

2. Summer Time Rendering

Ever thought of spooky stuff that happens on remote islands where paranormal activities are likely to happen? It might sound interesting initially, but things change when lives are lost due to such paranormal things. Summer Time Rendering is here with such a tale that tells you how twisted the paranormal world can be.

Shinpei Ajiro is a young guy with a rational attitude and mature personality. Since the death of his parents, he has been living with the Kofune family and has close bonds with them. He ended up moving to Tokyo for studies, but upon learning the news of her sister’s tragic death, he rushed back to Hitogashima Island only to find strange incidents happening around. Shinpei must operate cautiously as a single mistake can lead to more tragedies.

1. Spy x Family

Geeks longed for a family series with a storyline filled with fun, mystery, action, and all those edgy themes. The creators responded to geek's desires with Spy x Family, featuring a storyline where a spy, assassin, and a little girl with supernatural powers have to live under the guise of a normal family for various reasons while trying to hide their secret identities from each other.

Twilight is one of the most famous spies in the world, working on dangerous missions to ensure the world’s fragile peace. Upon accepting the task to investigate a corrupt politician, he assumes the identity of Loid Forger and ends up adopting an orphan girl named Anya. However, Loid is unaware that Anya has the ability to read minds. On the other hand, Anya, despite knowing his father’s real identity, decides to live with him as she loves adventures and spies. Later, Loid meets Yor Forger, a beautiful civil lady, and ends up marrying her. However, Yor secretly works as an assassin. 

With this perfect family setup, Loid aims to set his master plan in motion, but managing a family and working as a spy might be too difficult for even the greatest spies of all time.

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