Spy X Family Review

Spring 2022 has blessed us with many wonderful anime, and without a doubt, all of them were worth watching, but a new hype was created all over the world on 9 April 2022 when the Spy X family was released. 

This anime broke all world records in no time and became the most hyped anime of all time. So, keeping the hype in mind, here I’ll give you guys a review of Spy X Family. Sit tight and read this blog till the end because we are going to cover a lot of other factors as well.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Spy X Family Plot


Spy X Family is an action/comedy anime, and man, what a great anime it is. As the name suggests, the anime shows us a relationship between three normal people, but nothing about them is normal. 

One of them is a Spy, one is an assassin, and the third one, also known as the most adorable character in anime history, is a small girl that can read anyone’s mind. The show’s theme is so interesting that I plan to watch it again. Well, coming back to the topic, Loid (Spy), Yor (Assassin), and Anya (the mastermind) form a fake family as it is mutually beneficial for all three of them. 

The anime revolves around the story of a guy named Loid Forger, also known as Twilight. Loid is a number spy working for his country and is a man of many names and disguises. One day, he was assigned a new mission, and to complete this mission, he had to go near a man named Donovan, the leader of the national unity party. 

Donovan never showed himself, but Loid found out that the only place he makes a public appearance is his son's private school, the Eden Academy. Now, in order to complete this mission, Loid must form a fake family and enroll his child in this renowned school so he can get a chance to shoot his shot.

He formed a fake family with Yor and Anya. Loid and Yor behaved like husband and wife, while Anya acted like their daughter. What will happen now? How will the story take place? I don’t want to spoil those who have not watched this anime yet by telling everything but trust me; things are going to become so much more interesting. 

Spy X Family Honest Review

Spy X Family was the only anime that was famous before even its release, and do you guys know that its manga was already one of the best-selling mangas and that all happened before the release of the anime? 

Spy X Family was released on April 9, 2022, and after 12 fabulous episodes, it ended. The show became so popular that the fans became quite sad after its conclusion. Everything about this anime was great except for one thing; the creators made Anya so cute that I just can’t get over her. 

The anime gives you a happy vibe, and the opening is just remarkable (I can still hear the word PEANUTS from the opening). If you ask me, I'd say the Spy X family is already the best anime of the year, and I say this with confidence because it consistently delivers high-caliber entertainment. 

Spy X Family accurately represents itself to the viewers without deceiving them. And the program was able to reach a sizable audience because of the marketing machine that supported it. Spy x Family has many merits, and to be quite honest, I feel confident recommending it to pretty much anyone.

Anya's Cuteness would melt your heart, and thanks to Anya's cute adventures, you will hook to this anime in no time. Moreover, I’ve heard a debate on the internet about manga vs. anime, and in my experience, I would say anime is far better than manga.

The story in the manga is built on and expanded on in anime, which automatically makes it better than the manga. Spy X Family is very adorable, humorous, and good-hearted, and I heartily suggest it to all those who are looking to brighten up their life because if you are having a bad time lately, then watching Anya will immediately cure them away. 

Spy X Family Season 2 Release Date

As I told you, this article will provide you with everything you need, so here comes the biggest news of the decade. Yes, I will reveal the release date of season 2 of Spy X Family. After the conclusion of season 1, fans were so disappointed, and they wanted more from the show, so keeping all the hype and requests in mind, the creators of Spy X Family immediately started the production of season 2. 

Season 2 will be released in October 2022, and the fans will again be blessed with Anya’s cute exploits. I am so excited for season 2, and I am sure you guys are excited as well.

If you still have not watched Spy X Family season 1 and are looking for reasons to watch it, then don’t worry; we have you covered.  

Let’s talk about why you should watch Spy X Family. 

Reasons To Watch Spy x Family

One of the biggest reasons to watch Spy X Family is Anya; I mean, she’s so cute that the more we look at her, the more we become happy. Moreover, Atsumi Tanezaki, a magnificent voice artist, gave Anya her voice, and that’s what made Anya even cuter. 

The character development of the Spy X Family is remarkable. Only in 12 episodes we can see Twilight becoming a caring guy right after Anya comes into his life, and seeing him opening himself up melts my heart. 

Spy X Family also promotes women's empowerment, and we can see that clearly by looking at Yor. The writer made her a strong, independent, and trustworthy character everyone loves.

Moreover, WitStudio and Cloverworks collaborated while making Spy X Family, and we all know when two of the best and most renowned studios work together, we will get a masterpiece. The characters, their body language, their movements, their voice, everything is just perfect, and all of these factors made Spy X Family a must-watch for every otaku out there. 

Spy X Family Characters

Spy X Family was indeed a fantastic show but what made it even more interesting was its characters. Talking about all of the characters would be impossible so let’s just talk about some of the most prominent and loved characters from the anime. 


Anya is the most famous character in Spy X Family, and I won’t be wrong if I say she’s more famous than the show itself. You might be thinking I am exaggerating, but that’s not true. Anya made every otaku her fan, and no matter whether you are a fan of Spy X Family or not, one glance at Anya will motivate you to watch this anime.

She claims to be six years old, but in reality, she’s 4 or 5 years old. Despite being so young, she is very sharp and can read anyone’s mind. She was being used as an experimental human test subject, but luckily she ran away and moved to an orphanage, and that’s how she met Loid. 


Loid, also known as Twilight, is a mysterious guy and is also dubbed as the man of many disguises. He is actually a war orphan who has nothing but misery throughout his childhood. As of now, he has become a spy and is considered one of the best spies in the country.

It was revealed later that Loid became a spy so he could make this world a better place; a one where children could live happily.

As for abilities, Loud is insanely efficient and fearless while possessing the skills typically associated with being a spy, meaning he’s highly intelligent and trained very well in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. That’s not all, he can also mimic others’ voices and behavior, and that’s what makes him a fabulous spy. 

Later he was assigned a mission, and to complete that, he had to form a family. He immediately formed a fake family with Yor and Anya and began a new journey.


Yor is the main protagonist of the series and one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. Her awkward yet clumsy and funny personality makes her a remarkable character. Yor may look innocent and cute, sensitive girl, but that’s not how it looks. She is actually a top-class assassin who is married to Loid and made a fake family because of some personal reasons.  

She is a strong and independent woman, and with all these abilities, I am confident she will win the award for being the year's best character. 


As a whole, Spy x Family is a tonal mash up that combines action-packed spies with heartwarming, family-friendly comedies. The creators took the show to a whole new level of wholesomeness, and I just can’t wait to see more of Anya in the second season of Spy X Family. 

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