10 Great Anime to Binge on Netflix

10 Great Anime to Binge on Netflix

Netflix is one of the best platforms for anime now!

Of course, there are a bunch of ways to find anime now, and there are some great anime-specific streaming platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation. Those sites are great, especially for anime that aren’t as mainstream, or that are brand new, so those are my recommendations if you’re struggling to find a specific show. 

There is some good news though, Netflix is the new big thing when it comes to anime! Not only do they have some mainstream options, but there are also some great Netflix originals that are amazing! So, before you go venturing out, especially if you’re new to anime, try going to Netflix (which basically we all have now), and testing the waters there!

To give you a helping hand and get you started, here are the 10 best anime on Netflix (in our opinion of course)! 

  • The Seven Deadly Sins - One of our favorite Netflix originals! If you would like an anime that has a decent amount of seasons (5), some great twists, and even some romance, this would be great for you! This anime starts off with Elizabeth, a young woman who is found by an even younger (looking) tavern owner, Meliodas. She expresses that she’s looking for the alleged traitors to the kingdom, The Seven Deadly Sins, and seeking their help to save the kingdom because the conspirators against the Kingdom of Liones aren’t who everyone thinks it is.
    • Genre - Adventure / Fantasy 
  • Erased - This is an anime that’s not only great to start with, you can also watch it in one sitting - it’s only 12 episodes! This anime is intense (in a good way), and leaves you wanting a season two, but you’re so content with the ending that you wouldn’t even want to mess with this masterpiece. Erased first shows us Satoru, a young guy who has the interesting power to “rewind” only a few minutes back in time in order to stop a tragedy that he already saw play out, from happening. It’s like the ultimate form of a second chance. Unfortunately, one tragedy happens that he can’t seem to take back, and that day goes from bad to worse when he rewinds 18 years in the past. 
    • Genre - Suspense / Thriller

  • Attack on Titan - This one is ongoing, so you’ll have to find newer seasons on different platforms, but the story is complicated (at some points), and this series is a bit longer, so you can get a feel for it on Netflix! What makes this anime different is that the lines between protagonist and antagonist are blurred, and the first episode is unlike any anime we’ve ever seen. It starts off with Eren and his friends having a regular day in this post-apocalyptic society, but it all goes to hell very quickly. Titans began to eat the citizens of this town, and it hit really close to home for Eren and his friends. This fanbase is still growing strong, and you need to get on board before the series ends, so get your merch and represent! 
    • Genre - Post Apocalyptic / Action
  • Demon Slayer - A great anime for beginners and even the pros! This anime is still going (the second season just released), so hop on the bandwagon while you can! Demon Slayer starts with the sweet Tanjiro finding a devastating scene when he returns home from a simple trip. He ends up face to face with a demon, but this demon isn’t like the others, and a mysterious guy with breathtaking sword skills comes to save the day. While you’re wearing your mask, maybe pick one with a nice Tanjiro or Nezuko pattern to show love to your favorite character.
    • Genre - Dark Fantasy / Adventure 

    • Neo-Yokio - This is a Netflix original series that is very one of a kind. The voice of the main character is actually actor Jaden Smith, and he does a great job at really shedding light on an anime that’s not like any other. The main character is an exorcist, with a serious capitalistic ideology and a strong taste for luxury brands, like Ralph Lauren or Gucci. We follow Kaz on his day-to-day adventures of trying to save the top 1% from demons and make it to his field hockey game because obviously, they’re equally important.
      • Genre - Supernatural / Comedy
    • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K - If you’re the type of person who likes to just jump into things and loves episodes that are always different from the last one, you’ll love this anime! Saiki K is a student with supernatural abilities that make him, well, perfect! However, he doesn’t want anyone to find out and does his best to live as normal a life as someone can with all-powerful abilities. 
      • Supernatural / Comedy

    • Avatar the Last Airbender - Now many don’t consider this to be anime since this show was on Nickelodeon for a long time, but it has gotten so much positive feedback that it has been deemed an honorable anime. Now it’s basically a rite of passage for anyone who loves animation to enjoy this masterpiece. This animated series follows a young boy named Aang, who is deemed the Avatar (the master of all 4 elements), and his journey with his friends as he goes through the different nations to stop one from taking over and ending their tyranny. If you enjoy this series, watch the one that takes place with the next generation of avatars and her friends - The Legend of Korra.
      • Genre - Adventure / Action
    • High-Rise Invasion - Can you imagine waking up on top of a tall building, and someone wearing a mask is determined to kill you? Yeah, that’s pretty much this anime in a nutshell! The problem then becomes survival in a place that doesn’t want you to survive.
      • Genre - Dystopian / Gore

    • Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun - Rom-coms make everything much more fun! A young girl named Chiyo has finally worked up the courage to tell her crush how she feels, but he’s not the most romantically sharp knife in the box and while she isn’t rejected, her feelings aren’t necessarily accepted…we think? You’ll have to watch and see! 
      • Genre - Romance / Comedy
    • One-Piece - Now we only recommend this to the strongest of the strong because this anime is extremely long - that’s what it’s famous for! Even though it’s long, it’s worth the watch. We follow Luffy and his fellow pirates on a mission to find the One Piece treasure and become the Pirate King. Once you watch this one, you have to join the community of those who’ve made it to the finish line, or you can just grab a hoodie now to be a shut-in and actually complete the anime. Trust me, it’s a reward that is not easily won and is the ultimate feat.
      • Genre - Comedy / Action

    Of course, there’s way more anime on Netflix and they have some more great Netflix originals, so let us know how you like these and we can give you more recommendations once you get through this list, especially that last one. Be on the lookout because we’ll be covering 10 awesome anime you can watch on Hulu!

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