10 Anime Recommendations for Beginners & Pros

10 Anime Recommendations for Beginners & Pros

Anime is on the Rise

Recently, anime has become very popular. Between the sounds on TikTok, or people just wanting to venture out and binge new shows because they were stuck in the pandemic, anime has been on the rise. Obviously, we know much about it and are happy to welcome anyone and everyone to the anime family!

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of anime fans in their anime merch, whether it be a t-shirt with their 2D love on it, or a coffee mug (we have those too by the way). So to guide you on your journey so you can join your new anime fandom and represent your new faves appropriately, here is a list for all fans - beginners and long-time fans.

Let's start with the beginners! The following 10 anime will be what we call gateway anime. The genres are infinite ranging from adventure to romance, so hopefully, you find something that you like. In order to see what you may be interested in, there will be short summaries (no spoilers).

Top 10 Anime Recommendations for Beginners 

  • Naruto - Naruto is one of the Big 3 (you'll learn what that means eventually). It follows a young boy, named Naruto, who is isolated by his village and treated poorly. Despite that, he has a strong spirit and begins on a journey to gain strength and one day lead his village. You can find this on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. This anime is iconic, so once you’re in, that’s it! Grab some merch and join the nostalgic anime community of the Naruto fandom, and FYI, the Akatsuki merch is the coolest (in our opinion).
    • Genre: Adventure/Action
  • HunterxHunter - A young boy named Gon is on a mission to become a "Hunter" in order to meet his father, who left him as a baby with directions to find him. You follow him and some very good friends as they face different challenges and become stronger, and Gon goes through trials to get to his dad. HunterxHunter is on Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms.
    • Genre: Adventure/Action

  • Demon Slayer - Tanjiro, a sweet boy who takes care of his mother and siblings since his father passed. Tanjiro is told to be careful on his journey, as there are demons that come out at night and kill travelers. On his way home, a tragic accident happens and that lights a fire in him to become a demon slayer and save his loved one. This fandom is great, so what better way to hop on board than to buy some Demon Slayer merch.
    • Genre: Dark Fantasy/Adventure
  • The Seven Deadly Sins - There are two main characters in this story - Elizabeth and Meliodas. Meliodas appears to be a young tavern owner who never ages, and he comes across a person who has collapsed in a suit of armor. The person inside that heavy suit was Elizabeth, who is on a mission to find the seven deadly sins to save her kingdom from the ruthless holy knights. Together, they go on a quest to find these seven deadly sins and begin a long journey... This series is on Netflix.
    • Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
  • Soul Eater - Soul and Maka, a pair that are part of the DWMA, have a very interesting relationship and have a goal of becoming a “death scythe”. While they begin the much-needed tasks to attain that title, they gain friends who have similar goals but realize they are facing a powerful villain who literally feeds on fear and madness. This can be found on YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.
    • Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
  • Death Note – Light Yagami is a very intelligent high school student with a strong sense of justice. He finds an odd notebook with strange instructions inside of it on the ground and all hell (just about literally) breaks loose. This can be found on Netflix and Hulu.
    • Genre: Psychological Thriller

  • Fruits Basket - A sweet, air-headed girl named Tohru is found outside living on the property of some very attractive men because she has no family and nowhere to go. In exchange for cooking and cleaning, they allow her to live with them, but they have a very odd family secret. There are two versions, one from 2001 and a recently made one from 2019. Both versions can be found on Hulu and other anime streaming platforms. 
    • Genre: Romance/Comedy
  • My Hero Academia - Deku is a scrawny kid and one of the few people in the world born without any superpowers. Despite that, he aims to get into the school of heroes! We follow his ambitious journey to be an amazing superhero. This is on Hulu, Funimation and you can find it in other places online. Once you pick your favorite character, you have to show love, so grab some MHA merch with your favorite hero here
    • Genre: Adventure/Action
  • The Promised Neverland - There is an orphanage of children who have no idea where they came from, but they are excited to be adopted! They’re very intelligent and sweet, and are all preparing themselves to be the best kids they can be when they meet their new families. Unfortunately, being adopted is definitely not what it seems. This can be found on Netflix, Funimation, and other platforms.
    • Genre: Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Thriller

  • Erased - Satoru has the strange ability to go back in time and fix moments that save people’s lives. One day, he is cornered by the police and accused of a murder he didn’t commit, sending him back in time 18 years to save someone from his past to change the future. This is on Netflix and other platforms. 
    • Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Now onto the anime pros, and if you haven't seen any of the ones above, I recommend those too! These storylines are a bit more complicated and significantly darker than the ones above.

10 Anime Recommendations for Pros

  • Parasyte - Aliens start to inhabit human brains and turn them into flesh-eating monsters. Unfortunately, one alien doesn't exactly get to the brain and ends up in the hand of his human host. Shinichi, the human, wakes up to see his right hand has been hijacked by the alien. They go on a mission to stop these monsters from eating the human race but working together isn't easy. Warning: Violence/Gore. This anime is on Netflix.
    • Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller
  • Devilman Crybaby - Akira is convinced by his friend to become a demon in order to protect humanity. Although his friend has a plan of his own, and everything goes downhill from there. Warning: Violent, dark. This show is on Netflix.
    • Genre: Dark/Horror/Emotional

  • Castlevania - Trevor Belmont and Sypha go on a mission to find the savior in order to save humans from Dracula and his minions. They find the "savior," Alucard, and the trio go on a mission to stop Dracula from annihilating humanity. Warning: Violent, dark. This show is on Netflix.
    • Genre: Dark Fantasy
  • Attack on Titan – A young boy named Eren watches a horrific event and it pushes him to stop titans from killing off the rest of all humans. Eren learns he has something powerful inside him, his father has a dark secret and killing titans isn’t that simple. Warning: Gore. This streams on Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms. If you want to join this fandom, the anime merchandise for AoT is here
    • Genre: Post Apocalyptic/Action
  • Wonder Egg Priority - Ai is a young girl who is bullied, but the new girl in her class wants to be her friend. The two become very close and Ai begins to have a new outlook on life, and then things get bad. She sees her best friend's dead body on the ground, as she committed suicide for a reason unknown to Ai. Ai finds a strange place that gives her the opportunity to find out why her best friend committed suicide and bring her back to life. Warning: Mentions of suicide, depression, misgendering, sexual assault, and abuse.
    • Genre: Psychological Horror/Fantasy

  • Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki is a sweet, normal kid who finally gets the nerve to ask out the cute girl he’s been curious about, but that doesn’t go well, and he’s forced into a world that lurks in the shadows. This streams on Hulu and other platforms online. The Tokyo Ghoul fans are famous for their cool anime apparel, so join the club (the color schemes in the show are amazing)!
    • Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror
  • Jujitsu Kaisen - Yuji is an impulsive teenager who just wants to help people, and randomly joins the Occult Research Club because, why not? A meeting goes haywire and Yuji finds out that the world of the supernatural is much closer than he thinks, and he soon becomes a prominent part of it.
    • Genre: Supernatural/Dark Fantasy/Action
  • Death Parade - Everyone is curious about what happens after death, is there a heaven or hell? Well when you die, you go to Quindecim and meet Decim, the one who will decide whether you should go to heaven or hell based on a game. However, Decim starts to see that everything is not so black and white. 
    • Genre: Psychological Thriller/Drama

    • Terror in Resonance - Tokyo is being hit with terrorist attacks by two unknown terrorists that put videos on the internet.
      • Genre: Thriller
    • Psycho-Pass - What if the world knew who criminals were going to be before they even decided to commit a crime? What kind of world would that be? In this world, someone’s “psycho-pass” looks at their overall state of mind and is checked daily, and if it is unwell, it can result in violence and criminal acts. Inspector Tsunemori is part of the police team that works to find these soon-to-be criminals, and who better to help sniff out evil than the people who have the same psycho-pass as the criminals they chase?
      • Genre: Cyberpunk/Crime Fiction/Thriller

    I hope you can get a fresh start, or just enjoy some new shows you may not have seen. Of course, we have an entire list of other amazing shows, but they will come as more blogs are written. Let us know what you think of these recommendations and if we should make merch for the ones we don’t already have!

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